Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lamps galore for One-of-a-Kind

Thanks to the government of Ontario, we had new florescent ballasts and bulbs put in our studios. Saving the environment and money on the hydro bill! So while I was in the dark, while the electricians installed the new lights....I unloaded the kiln! Here is a photo of my new porcelain and stoneware lamps in the kiln. (and a few mugs for good measure!)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kingston Life article on NGB Studios

Jane Deacon from Kingston Life magazine came around and visited us last month. She wrote a article on NGB Studios and the folks that make art there. You can read it online at Kingston Life .

Kingston Humane Society & Anglin Bay Pottery - Paw Prints

FREE! Come down to Anglin Bay Pottery, bring your dog, and have a paw print made in clay (cats can do it too!). Or if your pet is shy, we will give you a ball of clay to take home to DIY. We will glaze it and fire it to make a memento of your best friend! It is free, but, if you wish, you can make a donation to Kingston Humane Society.

International Women's Day with the Navy!

I went to this fabulous event yesterday for International Women's Day at HMCS Cataraqui (yes, the military is only 2 days and a few decades late on this). The event was really fun and very relaxed. They had several quest speakers: Dr. Aitken (Head of Physio at Queen's), Cmdre Bennett, and four WRENS. The stories of women's experience in the military were hilarious and heartfelt! A great day in all. Here is a photo of my booth at the event.