Thursday, July 29, 2010

Peak to Shore Festival, Collingwood, 21/22 Augist 2010

My friend M-J Kelley and I are participating in the visual arts portion of this Peak to Shore Music Festival in Collingwood on 21/22 August. You can see more information about the visual arts component at If you are in the area, please come by.

Fish 'n' Chips - Kingston Humane Society Calender 2010

There are just a few days get your adorable pet's photo in the Kingston Humane Society Calender. My canine friends, Fish and Chips, had a photo shoot yesterday in preparation for their appearance in the calender. Here are some of the photos. Photo credit goes to Tracy Olan.

The Gift Giving Show - Fort Henry, Kingston, 7/8 Aug 2010

If you are in Kingston on the weekend of 7/8 Aug 2010, please check out this new art show at Fort Henry. The Fort is open with its exciting interpretation of the mid-1800 military culture. The restaurant is open. And there will be lots of local art to see. There is a coupon for a discount on admission to the fort. Please see the details at

Fusion Clay and Glass Sale - 15-17 Oct 2010 - @ CNIB

If you are planning your fall events (and Christmas shopping!), you might want to put this on your calender. Fusion Clay and Glass is having its annual show at the CNIB Building (near Sunnybrook Hospital) in Toronto on 15-17 Oct. There will be lots of great pottery and glass artwork. Please join us!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Haliburton Arts and Craft Festival, 23-25 July

If you are in Haliburton this weekend, please visit us at the arts festival. It runs Fri, Sat and sun.
I will be there with my pots and there will be lots of other fabulous art to see.

Friday, July 16, 2010

HST remittance for art-based businesses

For Artists that run a business in Ontario....the rules and procedures surrounding the remittance of HST is becoming clearer! Check out the explanation that CARFAC is offering. Often artist just don't want to do the paperwork (fair enough!), but there are real benefits to your bottom line. The first (and incorrect) impression is that your art work just becomes more expensive to your customers, if you change tax. Well, if you are actually capturing your overhead costs in your pricing, then you will find that is not true. Please read the link.