Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kollaboration Kingston - 7 March 2010

Check out the new website of a group of artist and crafts people from Kingston, Ontario that are collaborating to create art, while at the same time creating change for their community. http://www.ktownartists.ca/kollaboration.cfm

Carolyn Barnett, Knit ArtistHilary Cosgrove, Textile Artist Stefan Duerst Architectural Blacksmith Jane Thelwell, pottery (image by Tracy Olan) Cathie Hamilton, Painter Tracy Olan, Photographer Julie Davidson Smith Encaustic Artist Trevor Waurechen, Illustrator Lindsey Fair beach glass artist and metalsmith

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  1. Ya' forgot me! :o(
    Just kidding...I have asked Lindsey to replace my "blonde" picture!