Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lanterns for Kollaboration Kingston Exhibition

I spent the day last Monday photographing much of the work that the 16 of us have prepared for the exhibition this weekend. Some of the large work was photographed by Bernard Clark and a few other pieces will only be photographed after they are installed in the gallery on Friday. It was a fun day with lights and cameras! Lindsey and I played around with lighting and f-stops until we had to go home. Here are a few photos of the work that I was involved in making (not just photographing). Trevor did the sketching and lino cutting of the scenes and Tracy did the photography of city hall. come see this and the rest of the work at our exhibition at Sandra Whitton Gallery (opening on 1st May).


  1. I learned lots from you Jane on photographing, thanks for letting me be the helper. And thanks for taking the pics too.