Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pottery at Madonna House - Aug 2010

I just had the most awesome time last week in greater metropolitan Combermere (on the Madawaska River near Barry's Bay). I was asked to go to Madonna House to offer a pottery workshop to a group of folks that live in a really exciting community. They focus on prayers, meditation and caring for each other. Their vow of poverty frees them up from worldly concerns and allows them to focus on the stuff that really matters....other people! It was so refreshing to spend time (and work hard -14 hour days!) with people that are truly honest and thoughtful....something that is often missing in our fast paced world.

We had lots of fun and made tons of pottery and fired their new (to them, but used and donated by a patron) kiln.

Special thanks to the folks at St Raphael's and the rest of the community that supported during this workshop.

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