Thursday, October 7, 2010

Union Gallery, Stauffer Library, Queens Universtiy, oct/nov 2010

In an effort to raise funs for the Union Gallery, the student-run gallery at Queen's University, I painted a piece for Mini-Works! Yes, I painted a canvas! And then, of course, attached clay to it (what would you expect from a potter?)

The theme of the show is "Green". I have chosen to investigate the idea of environmentally green aspects of our lives. My canvas in entitled "Sometimes..." and involves porcelain leaves, attached with embroidery floss. They can be lifted up (like an Advent Calender) to reveal more to the story on environmentally "green" things in our world. Unfortunately, the curators think it's art (whereas, I think it's craft). I wanted you to touch it...but they put it in a vitrine!

If you are down at Stauffer Library, please check it out...and you can place silent auction bids on all the work exhibited...but you can't touch!

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